Nutrient Rich® Healthy Eating and Resilient Living, for Life

OUR MISSION: To fuel people’s minds and bodies with the most advanced, natural, convenient and cost-effective way to eat on earth. It starts by making the Switch to a More Plant Based Nutrient Rich healthy eating style.

People are always saying that they want to eat “healthy,” but instead of truly learning about healthy eating, they generally just focus on losing weight. They read the latest diet books, and/or get tips from their friends, online sites and magazines. They even probably add some “healthier” foods to their diets and do lose some weight. But unfortunately, they are most likely not eating in a truly “healthy” way, and their weight loss is not sustainable.

This happens because they stay stuck in the vicious cycle of eating nutrient-poor foods. Regardless as to whether they are “on a diet” or think they are eating “healthy,” the truth is that unless they are eating predominantly nutrient-rich foods, they're not. And, to make matters worse, they are not even aware of the damage nutrient-poor foods are causing in their bodies.

It’s an epidemic of catastrophic proportions. Every day, we are spending billions of dollars on medical bills, insurance plans, surgical procedures, and drugs, and sadly, none of these so-called solutions are actually solving the real problem, which is that our nutrient-poor eating habits are killing us. We need to change that, immediately!

That is where Nutrient Rich Life, Inc. comes in. Our company wants to help as many people as possible have a Nutrient Rich Life, so that they are fueling (feeding) their bodies, in the best ways possible, so they are...

  • Feeling more energy every morning,
  • Beating the mid-day drags,
  • Losing weight naturally,
  • Having perfect nutrition on-the-go, and
  • Get their zeal back!

Nutrient Rich eating is for all of us modern go-getters, who want to eat healthy so we can stop worrying about nutrition, and instead stay focused on the lives we want.

To do so, it's our mission to keep fueling people’s minds and bodies by delivering the most advanced, natural, convenient and cost-effective nutritional program on Earth.

My name is John Allen Mollenhauer and I started Nutrient Rich Life Inc. so that I could help those people who are lacking the time and energy to eat healthy, get started with a great-tasting, genuinely healthy eating style, without expensive cleanses, complex eating plans, and horrible-tasting “unnatural nutrition” products (which are impossible to follow, and can be quite costly).

Whether you’re traveling across the country, burning the midnight oil for your latest presentation, or taking the kids to school (and soccer practice, piano lessons, birthday parties, sleepovers and everything else that your busy life entails)—at long last, you’ve found a way to eat healthy that works anytime, anywhere.

We offer the perfect blend of whole food nutrition products even for people eating a high nutrient density diet, that contain the full nutritional power of nature, combined with the simple, quick & easy sit- down nutrient-rich healthy eating style you are sure to enjoy.

We truly care and want to make a difference!